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John William

 I thank God that I got Thrush last month. That’s how I found out about candida. It turns out that I’ve had it for 10 plus years. Doctors don’t have a clue, they treat the symptoms, not the cause. When I went to the dermatologist 10 years ago with a horrible rash on my back, the doctor gave me a cream. Nine dermatologists later, I still had the rash and a ton of other ailments. The GP’s couldn’t figure it out either. They said it was probably stress. I had no energy, diarrhea, no appetite, and constant stomach aches and vomiting. I was miserable and they couldn’t figure it out. The doctor gave me a fungal mouthwash for my thrush and said rinse twice a day. Symptom, not cause. I looked up thrush on google and discovered Candida. I had almost all of the symptoms in Completely Naturals test, Severe Candida. I stopped drinking Booz and all refined sugar. It was very tough for me, but I stuck with it, burn-off was horrible, bad flu symptoms after the third day. After 16 days of taking the Holy Trinity, all symptoms are almost gone and I feel great. I can’t sit and watch tv anymore. My wife just thought that I was lazy and a hypochondriac. I had no energy, both physically and mentally. I just watched tv all day and night. Now my brain is clear and no more constant misery and depression. I just retired and can’t wait for my next adventure. Don’t drink or eat any refined or processed sugar and no Booz for a week and I promise you won’t crave either. I can’ wait to see how I feel after 2 months of taking these miracle remedies. Thank you God for giving me Thrush.


James Jacob 

This definitely has active cultures. It passed the milk test. Take a few ounces of milk, break open a probiotic capsule and mix it with the milk. Then cover and wait 2-3 days. If, after that time, you have yogurt, the probiotic is good. If you have warm milk, the probiotics are not good.

This one passed the milk test with flying colors.



Chronic constipation and bloating for years! Several GI specialists and M.D.s all recommended daily Miralax (helpful), fiber (felt worse), and water, water, water. I eliminated all dairy, wheat, other grains, and processed food. All of these steps came up short.

Adding Completely DIGEST with meals has provided total relief for the past 2 weeks. So far, I feel great for the first time in years, and have stopped daily Mirilax.

Next step is to gradually add more fiber. I suspect that fiber caused serious bloating and perhaps Completely DIGEST is the answer to that.

Why didn't a single doctor, ever mention enzymes? Maybe there's some long-term problem that'll arise, but at my age (76) I can't concern myself with that.



I was encouraged to try digestive enzymes because of the growing intensity of negative problems with reactions to foods. I already could not have dairy, foods with small seeds, gluten intolerant, and then I found I was having problems digesting fresh fruits and vegetables. I had a bowel resection in 2014, and found certain foods would cause gas, bloating, and pain. I bought Dr. Completely Digest because it is gluten-free and quite honestly I was desperate. Within two days the results were astounding. I was back eating veggies and fruit, have no discomfort after eating. I'm so glad I found this product.



Hey! I should teach the kids tennis.....aching knee.....diagnosis....torn cartridge but not bad enough for surgery yet. I am not a big supplement person. However, with an aching knee, I came across the Completely Healthy Joint and noticed the great number of great reviews. What the heck....lets try. I suffered knee pain for 6 weeks. After only 5-6 days of taking Completely, knee pain gone ....FINALLY!. Wait, maybe the knee just stopped hurting on its own....so I stopped taking after a week of no pain. After a few days, the pain returns. Wait....maybe I just restrained it. I started Completely again and 4 days or so later.....no knee pain. I am sold. I did not like the 5 pill a day dosage and a major big box had a sale on a joint supplement that includes 2 of the 3 active ingredients listed in Dr. Tobias. I decide to try that and save some money and only 2 pills per day. After several days, knee pain returns ...though on the mild side. Hummmm maybe Completely has better absorption or that third ingredient is really important. Started taking Dr. Tobias again.....no knee pain at all. I am sold! This stuff is amazing.



Completely Healthy Joint seems to have made a difference with my joint issues. I don't think I'll be running any marathons but I do try to stay active. The reduced pain is wonderful!



 Just a tad of background here: I am married to a micro-biologist who has studied GI motility plus I am a RN....I have used other probiotics in the past without seeing any benefits but I saw a huge difference with this one. You should notice a difference after a couple days to a couple weeks (if you are not, make sure you are taking a full dose and/or check with your physician on how many you can take). Some intestines need a lot more but hopefully you'd see results before a month is over. I normally see a (negative) change within a couple days to a couple weeks.

Compared to other beneficial bacteria, the super expensive kind/brands that need to be in the frig don't work any better if at all (per my husband and b/c I've tried them) yet the cheaper "normal" ones usually do not work b/c there is not enough of the beneficial bacteria that gets thru to your intestines where they're needed.

This supplement has a great mix of beneficial bacteria and a super-duper (yes, that's a scientific term or should be--LOL) amount of pre and probiotics therefore another reason they work so well. The supplement helps the GI AND IMMUNE system or at least if you need help in those areas, this product should help a lot. It is not a stimulant that "makes" you "go" but rather, it corrects your own intestinal balance which results in much better function.



I have had stomach problems for as long as I can remember. A couple years ago, I started taking a probiotic which helped but for whatever reason I discontinued using. I stumbled across Completely brand recently and thought to give it a try. After numerous doctors appointments and tests, with no definitive causes for my stomach pain, it was worth a try. Literally within 24 hours of taking this, I noticed a definite change as the weeks of unexplained stomach cramping and bloat were considerably diminished. I would recommend this product to anyone that is struggling with unexplained stomach issues.