Política de envío


We cannot change your delivery address after an order has been submitted. We work directly with our shippers to help resolve address issues where possible, but we cannot be held responsible for any delays, fees, or other delivery issues if your address was incorrectly entered at checkout.  Orders placed with inaccurate shipping info are not eligible for our money back guarantee.


Shipping options vary based on the address where products are being shipped to.  In the United States, a Standard Delivery (estimated at 4-8 business day transit time) and an Expedited Deliver (estimated at 2-3 business day transit time) are offered.  In some locations, a 2 day option is available.

All shipping options available will be presented based on destination address and order amount on the order form.

Completely Naturals integrates with our fulfillment partner for real time rates, based on the speed selected and the destination address.